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Realize this site is just as much for me as it "may" end-up being for you.   That said...expect my personality to come out.  

Clean code is my end-game...
My goal FOR THIS ENTIRE SITE is to cleanly & purposefully mix-in every technology you see here...but in a meaningful & sensical fashion.  

Under Construction

I will be filling-out the JavaScript area first.   Once a few "starter" articles are up in that area, I will begin to fill-in the rest one-at-a-time.

"You Spin Me Right Round"
Boy meets code, code loves obtrusive JavaScript, but the setup is so clean & testable...crack out the Kleenex.

I'm in a love/hate relationship with Angular...
I love the way it provides structure to everything I do.   So much so, I almost cried the first time we met.   But the intrusive nature of templates goes against the very fiber of my soul (blast you John Resig!).  

If it wasn't for the fact we both love Sunday morning Pecan Nut coffee & BBQ...I don't think we would make it.

Admittedly, I was late on the Boostrap bandwagon. Yes, I was skeptical..I even 'nay-sayed' it (a bit).

I was wrong...
Write this day down, because you won't hear me say that often (but mostly because...I'm so often).

Bootstrap is Responsive & has a grid system of CSS that allows you to easily set up many different types of page layouts (it's beautiful, really...sniff, sniff). has all the toys: Transitions. Modals. Dropdowns, carousels, tooltipsButtons, alerts, pop-ups, accordions, icon-fonts, tables, breadcrumbs, navbars...and on and on.

And, is the perfect price...FREE!

Visual Studio is the Cadillac of IDE's...
Now that it is integrated with NuGet, Team Foundation Server (TFS) & Microsoft makes it even more so.

In fact...
Using anything else would be like "Endeavoring to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins."

If you are an Agile developer, you are going to love Microsoft Azure.   I do ALL my Sprint demonstrations in Azure.  

  • It's quick
  • It's simple
  • It's integrated to Visual Studio
  •'s built for you can use it in production too.
Starting with nothing...I can have a demo ready in 20 minutes.   And then...I can tear it all down at the drop of a hat.

What could be better?

NuGet makes the process of incorporating third-party libraries into your solutions as simple as possible.   And you can easily create your own NuGet repositories too.

"Web Stack of Love"
I love the Nuget/Visual Studio ecosystem.   And...upgrading has never been easier.

TFS provides a vast combination of version control capabilities:

  • Agile planning tools (Product Backlog/Sprint Backlog/Task Board/Kanban Boards)
  • Work item (requirements/bugs/etc.) tracking
  • Automated build engine
  • Dashboards and Dev-Ops integration
  • Shelvesets !!!!!
...and much more.

And for developers, TFS is integrated into Visual Studio & Eclipse.   I use it for all my projects: personal & contract.

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